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Child Custody Mediation

Better For Your Children.

Parenting Plans and Legal Decision Making Agreements.


Healthier for kids

Reduce conflict and agree on parenting arrangements that work for everyone.

Future cooperation

Lay the groundwork for good communication and peaceful co-parenting.

Divorce or post-divorce

Mediation can happen during the divorce process or to modify orders after divorce.

Child custody court battles damage children and families.

Children’s exposure to high conflict between parents during and after divorce can cause long-term psychological problems. Custody fights fuel the animosity you feel for your former spouse, tear families apart, and in the end, hurt your children.

Custody mediation is healthier for children and meets everyone’s needs.

In mediation, we help parents develop and agree upon a parenting plan for all the issues that affect children. Parenting plans may include how children will share time with parents day-to-day and week-to-week. They may also include legal decision making authority. The Aurit Center can mediate these issues during divorce mediation or as a separate issue during divorce litigation to keep custody issues out of court and reach agreements. We also mediate post-divorce modifications of these custody issues when one or both parents feel the need to agree on changes to an existing parenting arrangement.

Agreements in mediation — unlike orders issued by courts — can be as specific or flexible as parents decide. This cooperative approach lays the foundation for healthy co-parenting after divorce, which children need for their health and well-being.

“Mediation is an alternative approach for resolving custody disputes in a way that is most congruent with our current knowledge of the needs and development of children of divorce. Parents are supported in maintaining a cooperative co-parenting relationship that is necessary for children to emotionally survive their parents’ divorce in the long run.”
Donald Saposnek, Ph.D.

Renowned Clinical-Child Psychologist

“Michael is that rare combination of a consummate professional and a compassionate listener. He is extremely adept at listening to disputes between individuals and understands intimately the sacrifices which must be made in order to reach a compromise and settlement. His calm demeanor and conciliatory style is what make his methods so efficacious in dispute resolution.”
Reeve Chudd, Esq.

Ervin, Cohen and Jessup, LLP

huffington post article by Michael Aurit

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