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Bryce Schotz
23:31 17 Apr 18
Michael has a tremendous amount of knowledge and is an incredible communicator through some of life's most challenging moments. I referred him to a some friends of mine and he was able to help them come up with the best possible solutions. Him and his staff are truly one of a kind and looking out for their client's best interest. I would highly recommend!
Marcy Raybourn
19:32 24 Mar 18
Michael and his team have a very calming and therapeutic approach to mediation. They are all very knowledgeable and accommodating.
Paula Fosbinder
15:38 08 Jan 17
I can only say positive things about Michael and Karen with The Aurit Center. They were understanding, professional, and balanced in their approach. The compassion they exemplified as they navigated all the necessary steps to finalize everything was appreciated. Michael has a clear and sensible process that he follows through the entire mediation. Their rates were reasonable and they charge a flat fee for pre-defined services, with the option for additional services at an hourly rate. My ex and I were extremely satisfied with the process and appreciate the knowledge and dedication The Aurit Center took while handling our mediation.You are in good hands with Michael and Karen!
Kyle Sanders
21:15 10 Aug 16
Michael is an excellent divorce mediator and knows his craft incredibly well. Polite, respectful, understanding, and confidential. If you're considering divorce mediation in Scottsdale or anywhere else in Arizona, I highly suggest consulting with him and learning more about his mediation services and the tremendous benefits of taking that road.
Amanda Singer
20:14 22 Sep 15
The Aurit Center provides the assistance families need to resolve their conflicts amicably and respectfully without going to court. Michael is a wonderful mediator who is able to help families work through their divorce in a way that is best for everyone involved, especially when there are children. He understands the issues and genuinely wants to help. I would highly recommend anyone in the area who is thinking about a divorce to talk with the Aurit Center about mediation before hiring an attorney.
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Bryce S.
2018-04-17 16:28:28
Michael has a tremendous amount of knowledge and is an incredible communicator through some of life's most challenging moments. I referred him to a some...
Ryan H.
2018-02-13 16:45:18
Incredibly knowledgeable and a great listener. Answered all my crucial questions during the first meeting and brought up a number of other considerations...
Fern P.
2018-04-17 17:40:23
Michael has the ability to listen and hear what needs must be met during this difficult time. He is a gentle, compassionate and understanding individual....
Jennifer P.
2018-08-21 12:00:02
Thank you very much to Michael and to everyone on the team! I appreciate everything that everyone did in order to get the process initiated and followed...
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Elizabeth Hale
Judy Kelly
Ryan Johnson
Michael's knowledge of the law, of family systems, and of mediation provide a unique opportunity for families in a divorce situation. This is a valuable service that is often overlooked when families are divorcing.
Claudia Z Horan
Amanda Singer
The Aurit Center provides the assistance families need to resolve their conflicts amicably and respectfully without going to court.
Danny Mazza
Eli Lipmen
Allee Fütterer
Brooks Siegel
Marjan Miller
Esther Morchy Cohen
Compassionate, professional and family-focused, the Aurit Center is there for you every step of the way.

five stars
Michael Aurit is a wonderful mediator, and truly cares about his clients. The divorce process is a stressful, and emotional life event, but The Aurit Center’s excellent staff assist couples respectfully, and constructively to work thorough the entire process. They are available, and responsive to any, and all questions during the mediation. I highly recommend The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation.

A.S. – Actual client | April 12, 2018

five stars
Michael is a great mediator. He has a high level of skill. He used a consistent and logical process. More importantly, Michael displayed excellent situational awareness — he knew when to jump in, and when to stay out of the way. The entire Aurit team was professional and respectful. They made a difficult circumstance easier to bear.

S.K. – Actual client | September 20, 2017

five stars
Well-organized, supportive, compassionate and effective. I’m so glad we went the mediation route. I was very satisfied with the Aurit center. Their level of skill and compassion surpassed what I expected during the difficult process of divorce.

A.P. – Actual client | November 3, 2017

five stars
I feel very fortunate to have found Michael and Karen Aurit to guide me through my divorce mediation. Things were explained at a comfortable level and the process made me feel like I was in control of the outcome. Michael was always professional as well as compassionate toward our feelings. Of course, divorce is difficult to go through, but I could not have imagined it happening any other way!
Thank you, Michael and Karen Aurit.

P.F. – Actual client | July 1, 2017

five stars
My experience with the Aurit Center was truly amazing. Michael made a difficult situation easier to process. He was very caring and informative. If there was a question I had he would take the time to get the information requested to help. The office experience was very hospitable and warm. Although I dislike divorce, Michael makes the experience easier to navigate and I am thankful. I would recommend the Aurit Center For Mediation to anyone, who has to go through divorce.

D.M. – Actual client | November 3, 2017