One flat fee,
known upfront

We keep our pricing simple to support your financial stability.



Our flat fees include all emails, all phone calls, and every moment we spend on your case.



Mediation affords up to a 90% savings compared to litigation.



Knowing your total fee keeps you in control: no retainer or hourly billing surprises.

How pricing works

  1. We get to know you.
    Our expert mediators talk with you and assess your needs during your free 1-hour consultation.
  2. We personalize your flat fee.
    At the end of your consultation, your mediator will provide you with an all-inclusive flat fee for our mediation services based on your needs and circumstances. Our fees are 90% less than the average total cost of divorce litigation. In fact, they are less than the average attorney retainer for only one spouse.
  3. It’s that simple.
    You’ll never receive surprise bills for unexpected fees. You pay one cost that you know up front. We’ve designed our pricing with your financial stability in mind.


The litigation pricing system is untrustworthy. Why? Because the more the litigation gets drawn out, the more money the attorneys make.

Large retainers and hourly billing mean that the longer the case, the higher the cost. One of the leading causes of long cases is conflict—and lots of it.

Nearly all Arizona attorneys require an initial retainer of $5,000 to $15,000 per spouse. In addition, they bill $300 to $550 per hour for every minute spent on your case. This includes charging for each moment of time related to a case, including the time it takes to read and write emails, make phone calls, draft documents, drive from one place to another, and even time spent waiting in a courthouse. All that time quickly adds up to a larger bill for you.

Most attorneys estimate the average cost of divorce for a “moderately contested” case that is settled before trial is $15,000 to $20,000 per spouse. When conflict increases, and a case lasts a year or more, fees can easily surpass $40,000 per spouse. When a case goes to trial, costs can rise to over $100,000.

The truth is there is a misalignment between divorcing couples and their attorneys. Attorneys benefit financially the more their clients fight, because the more they fight, the longer the case takes, and the longer their case takes … Yep, that’s a problem.

The healthy alternative is up-front, flat fees that ensure fairness and respect.

Mediation is the healthy choice because conflict isn’t necessary to get what you need. We believe the transparency and predictability of flat fees is important to our clients’ financial stability.

Flat fees provide predictability and stability, and remove any incentive for professionals to create unnecessary conflict.

At the Aurit Center, we tell you the all-inclusive, flat fee for mediation at your initial (and free) consultation. You’ll know the exact cost of the entire divorce or legal separation process before your process begins.

Your flat fee is personally tailored to your specific circumstances. For example, if you have children and need a parenting plan, this would be a factor in determining your flat fee.

Our pricing also provides flexibility for you. You have the freedom to ask questions and communicate with the team, without fearing it will add thousands of dollars to your bill. Call or email us anytime. We’re here to help, every step of the way.



What do you get for the flat fee?

  • Your entire mediation process the Aurit Center, from beginning to end
  • Professionally guided mediation meetings
  • Professionally drafted legal documentation, including your final consent decree
  • All emails, phone calls, and every moment spent on your case
  • Tracking of your legal process with frequent updates
  • Supportive Mediation Coordinator services
  • All edits and revisions to finalize your consent decree
  • All document signings
  • Filing of legal documentation with the court, including the petition, acceptance of service, and consent decree

Who pays for divorce mediation?

  • Commonly, spouses divide fees equally, but fees can be paid by either person as well.
  • Your mediator can help you find creative options for sharing the fee.

How does the cost of mediation compare to litigation?

  • Most attorneys in Arizona estimate that an average divorce case runs $15,000 to $20,000 per spouse. A case that goes to trial could easily exceed $40,000 per spouse.
  • Our flat, affordable fees range from $2,500 to $3,500 per spouse, 6 to 20 times less than litigation. Flat fees provide predictability which supports financial stability.

Divorce shouldn’t cost
you your
life savings

Our mediators help spouses personalize their fairest and best possible divorce
agreements while reducing everyone’s stress and protecting children from the harm of litigation.

We believe in providing priceless support at a fraction of the cost.

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