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Divorce doesn’t have to be a war that everyone loses. There is a healthier and more peaceful way.

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Find out about how divorce mediation can help you. Schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation with your potential mediator. You may be relieved to know how we work with you to accomplish a peaceful divorce. We’ll answer all of your questions. Free consultations take place at our Main Scottsdale, Arizona Office. All future mediation sessions can take place at our Gilbert location.

The Aurit Center For Divorce Mediation

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Gilbert, Arizona Divorce Mediation

The Aurit Center For Divorce Mediation in Gilbert, Arizona helps guide spouses through a simple, affordable, fair and peaceful divorce process. We are the leading local experts in divorce mediation and child custody mediation. We are also national leaders in our field who train mediators around the country.

Our goal is to help you avoid a harmful court battle – and in divorce mediation your divorce will become finalized without ever setting foot in a courtroom. Mediation is better for your children and the best choice for your family.

Our services include divorce mediation, child custody mediation, child support modifications, post-divorce modifications, parenting mediation, legal separation mediation, and document preparation. We handle your case from beginning to end.

Mediation is better for your children.

Divorce wars over children rage on in Arizona courts. Yet, parents’ fighting during divorce can result in significant psychological harm to children. While the court process tends to escalate conflict between spouses, the divorce mediation lowers conflict and protects children’s health and well-being. Divorce mediation results in a far greater chance of a healthy co-parenting relationship after divorce. And, research has found that children have stronger long-term relationships with parents who use divorce mediation, rather than litigation in court.

In mediation, parents agree upon a comprehensive parenting schedule, all decision-making issues, and make agreements about financial obligations. Agreements can be personalized around the needs of parents and children, rather than a judge deciding the terms for you. Mediation also results in healthier co-parenting, and stronger long-term relationships between children and parents.

Divorce without court in Arizona

Spouses don’t need to fight out their divorce in court. In fact, you don’t need to ever enter a courthouse, or courtroom to become divorced in Arizona. Litigation can cause financial and emotional turmoil, but there is a better way.

In mediation at The Aurit Center, a neutral mediator helps both spouses settle the entire divorce out of court in a comfortable and private setting. Agreements are reached that meet everyone’s needs. Divorce terms are customized, and satisfaction with the outcomes is very high. In the end, your mediator will write your Divorce Decree, instead of a Judge. You never go to court.

Divorcing without court lowers stress, and prevents unnecessary conflict. Lower conflict means less time and far less costs to complete your divorce.

We have low flat fees. No hourly billing like attorneys.

The astronomical cost of divorce litigation in Arizona is simply unnecessary. High legal fees hurt the financial stability of families. In the Gilbert, Arizona area, attorneys generally require an initial retainer of $5,000 – $15,000 to begin a case. Costs rise from there, with many moderately contested cases that do not proceed to trial averaging $15,000 – $18,000 per spouse. When a case goes to trial, costs can easily surpass $100,000 in total legal fees.

The Aurit Center believes in straightforward, predictable, and affordable fees for your divorce. Low fees are important so that spouses have increased financial stability during the divorce process. Our flat fees cover your entire divorce and provide the financial relief that spouses need. With reduced stress, spouses reach better agreements in mediation. Divorce Mediation at The Aurit Center costs 85 – 95% less than typical litigation legal fees for divorce in Arizona. At your free one hour consultation, you will find out your flat fee for divorce mediation.

Private and confidential

Family matters should remain private. The sensitive and personal nature of divorce requires a process that keeps all communications and activities confidential. Arizona law protects mediation confidentiality. Unlike open court proceedings that place financial information and highly personal information on public record, what happens in mediation stays in mediation.

Stay in control of your personalized divorce terms

The biggest problem with litigation is that attorneys typically advise their client to stop all direct communication with their spouse about all divorce issues. Instead, attorneys communicate with one another on your behalf. This leads to many people feeling like they have “lost control” over their divorce when conflict escalates.

In mediation, a neutral mediator manages communication between spouses, so that spouses retain control over their own personalized terms. Agreements are noted as they are reached. In this way, spouses decide their own future and their children’s future, instead of a Judge deciding it for them.

Many people do not agree on issues at the beginning of mediation. But your expert divorce mediator will help you find common ground and reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Convenient Gilbert, Arizona location

The Aurit Center For Divorce Mediation in the heart of Gilbert, Arizona is conveniently located near Ray Road and Gilbert Road. Our space is very private, relaxed, and accommodating.

five stars
Got married very young and reached a point where we both agreed it was necessary to split amicably. We looked into paralegal divorce services and other online routes and decided to work with Michael and are pleased with the outcome.

M.S. – Actual client | March, 3 2017

five stars
Very glad we found Michael. Our divorce was amicable but we were unsure where to turn for professional help. Highly recommend.

K.D. – Actual client | October, 2 2017