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Divorce doesn’t have to be a war that everyone loses. There is a healthier and more peaceful way.

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Glendale Arizona Family Mediation

One of our experts is here and ready to help. No matter where you currently are in the divorce process, our mediators can settle your case. Whether you need assistance in divorce mediation, child custody battles, child support changes, or post-divorce modifications, our mediators will make the process smoother and more affordable. The first consultation is free with no hassles and no obligation. Contact us today to start your mediation journey with one of our experts today. We will assess you case and ensure that our services are the right fit for you.

The Aurit Center For Divorce Mediation

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Divorce is one of the worst trials a family can face. Property is divided, custody battles ensue, and stress is typically sky-high. Traditionally, divorces are handled in courts. They include large sums paid to lawyers, long drawn-out court dates, broken relationships, and kids with emotional scars. However, there is another option that is cost-effective, confidential, convenient, and can help keep your relationships intact.

Mediation Brings Cost-Efficiency and Convenience

Mediation with one of our legal experts actually costs less than traditional mediation. Divorce attorneys can cost up to $18,000 per spouse, in addition to their substantial retainer fees. Their fees are billed to you for every 15 minutes you spend together, making an already lengthy process all the worse. Mediation is different.

Mediation here at The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation saves you up to 80-90% in fees. Our costs are all-inclusive, not charged per every 15 minutes. In addition to saving you money, we save you time. Our locations are convenient and easy to find, including our Glendale office off of Ray Rd and Loop 101. Mediation can take a fraction of the time that traditional litigation takes. While litigation may take over a year to settle, our mediation team can help settle your case in only a few short sessions.

Experience the Emotional Benefits

With mediation, one of our experts becomes an independent third party to help assess each parties needs and come up with a “win-win” solution. Our team comes up with customized, creative solutions so no one feels like a “loser” after the divorce process. You remain in control of your outcome and timeline. Courts do not have the time and resources to come up with creative solutions to your situation. Court litigation happens on their timeline and takes most of the control out of your hands.

Our team of experts also helps this process be less stressful. Participants in mediation report having far less stress and higher levels of well-being. The Aurit Center of Divorce Mediation is dedicated to problem-solving, not confrontation. We promote a civil, respectful discourse focused on solutions. The toll on your emotions is drastically reduced compared to an ugly, confrontational court-litigated divorce.

Children involved also benefit emotionally from mediation. Divorce is difficult enough on children, and watching their parents fight can leave some scars that last a lifetime. By mediating respectfully, you are setting an example for your children. Your example shows them that in difficult times, being civil and dedicated to problem solving is better than being disrespectful and resorting to arguments. Mediation in private eases the process and keeps relationships intact.

five stars
Michael came highly recommended and I would recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

D.J. – Actual client | May 15, 2018

five stars
Discussing divorce with my spouse was difficult and felt like we were constantly spinning our wheels and getting into a hole. Mediation was much better than I expected and I highly recommend contacting Michael and Karen.

R.M. – Actual client | September, 1 2018