Divorce doesn’t have to be a war that everyone loses. There is a healthier and more peaceful way.

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Scottsdale Arizona Family Mediation

Divorce is difficult enough. Contact us today for a free consultation for our mediation services. This is a no hassle, no obligation assessment of your case. We want to ensure our services are right for your situation and provide you with a clear path forward. Our award-winning team is here for you and your family.

The Aurit Center For Divorce Mediation

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No one ever plans for a marriage to end in divorce, and the process can be long, painful, and expensive. Divorce lawyers can cost upwards of $18,000 and charge for every 15 minutes of their services, according to recent information from Phoenix. Court dates are always far in the future and can take over a year to settle. The stress level in traditional litigation can be immense due to the public confrontation you must face. However, mediation makes for a better alternative.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation through The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation cuts down on all these stressors. Our award winning team was just named “Best in Family Law” according to Arizona Foothills Magazine, and we are here to help your family get through this trying time as smoothly as possible. One of our mediators acts as a neutral third-party to help settle issues with divorce mediation, child custody, child support, post-divorce modifications, legal separation, and document preparation.

The process of mediation is focused on problem-solving. While courts do not have much time and resources to help with specialized solutions, our team is dedicated to customizing outcomes for your family’s specific needs. Our expert mediators create solutions and promote respectful discourse, which can help keep family relationships intact.

Save Money, Time, and Emotions

Our services actually save you money compared to traditional litigation. Our fees are all-inclusive and reasonable. Our locations are convenient – our Scottsdale location is south of the 101 on Scottsdale Rd – and can save you travel time and gas money.

Traditional litigation can take several months or over a year to settle. Mediation is a private, confidential process that can just take several short sessions in our office. You may not even need to step foot in a courtroom. Also, mediations are kept confidential by Arizona law, while divorces are public record. So, whatever happens in mediation actually stays in mediation.

Mediation also saves when it comes to your health. Stress can be harmful mentally and physically, and we here at The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation help keep that stress to a minimum. Since our mediation process is respectful, non-confrontational, and solutions-based, there is none of the stress that comes with a major court battle.

Having a solutions-focused mediation process can also help when it comes to your family’s emotional health. Instead of children seeing their parents have a long, enormous fight, they are seeing their parents have a respectful discussion and coming up with solutions. While this may not completely ease all their emotional pain, it gives them a good example of how to handle difficult situations.

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by Karl D

Very glad we found Michael. Our divorce was amicable but we were unsure where to turn for professional help. Highly recommend.