Aurit Center to Offer One Hour of Family Mediation to First Responders

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PHOENIX – Our sister-in-law, Jennifer Knishinsky, MD, is an internist at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City who was recently called to the front lines to treat COVID-19 patients at the epicenter of the pandemic. We acknowledge her bravery as a professional, as a wife and a mother, and understand that First Responder families everywhere are navigating difficult decisions and experiences during this crisis.

In response, The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation is now offering one hour of complimentary online Family Meditation for First Responders and their spouses who are experiencing acute family conflict due to pandemic-related stress.

Mediation services will help partners communicate in a new way and find creative solutions to the unique challenges they are currently facing. The Aurit Center is inspired to use the “magic of mediation” to support First Responders to maintain healthy relationships through this time of uncertainty. During the meeting, couples will improve communication, lower conflict, and reach understandings or agreements on points of contention.

First Responders are on the front lines of this pandemic risking their lives to protect our families. Our goal is to support them by helping to resolve any conflict or challenges they are facing within their own family. Complicated issues between couples may arise out of stress and quick choices that must be made. We want to do all we can to help them maintain healthy family dynamics.

The couples will attend their Mediation Meeting via video conference with an experienced Professional Family Mediator who will help them to communicate in effective ways. Mediation may light a path for the couple to maintain a healthy relationship in the face of this crisis. Complimentary one hour online Mediation Meetings can be scheduled by calling 480-999-7399, by emailing, or online at

We invite family mediators across the United States and around the world to consider “giving back” to First Responders. We stand in solidarity and sincerely thank the many local businesses who are donating to causes that benefit First Responders.

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