How to Navigate Co-Parenting During the Coronavirus [Video]

co parenting strategies

PHOENIX (Good Morning Arizona) — With the entire country now practicing social distancing, it’s creating an unusual and sometimes difficult situation for parents who share joint custody of their kids.

“There is no- one-size-fits-all,” Michael Aurit, owner of The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation, said. “Really, the decision should be up to parents. What do parents feel most comfortable with, and what can parents agree on together? Sometimes there is going to be a need to compromise.”

Aurit is a professional mediator and Arizona State University professor who has seen a significant increase in calls from divorced or separated couples in the last few weeks. Many of them are now throwing their custody agreements out the window.

“Parents who are sharing time 50/50, equally, with their kids, the question now is do those parenting time schedules temporarily need to change,” Aurit said.

Aurit says many divorced parents may need to come up with a temporary plan on a new parenting schedule that works best for the kids and reduces the spread of germs. He offered several examples…

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