The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation Awarded “Best Family Law” in Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Prestigious “Best of Our Valley, 2018”

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Arizona Foothills Magazine, the leading lifestyle magazine in the State, has named The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation as the ‘Best Family Law Firm of 2018.’ This is the third consecutive year The Aurit Center has been voted “Best Family Law” in this premier guide to the best people and places in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

“We are truly grateful to be honored,” said Michael Aurit, Co-Founder of The Aurit Center and Professional Mediator. “The outpouring of support from former mediation clients and people throughout Arizona who voted for ‘healthy divorce’ is inspiring. It shows that people care about fostering better co-parenting relationships after divorce, rather than engaging in harmful court battles that damage families.”

Last year, Arizona’s divorce rate was 15% higher than the national average. Most of those divorces occurred through the State’s court process, where intense conflict over children can financially and emotionally devastate everyone involved. The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation offers a clear alternative so that divorcing spouses never go to court and keep conflict as low as possible.

In divorce mediation, spouses stay in control of their own personalized divorce terms. A neutral mediator helps spouses reach agreements on all divorce issues. The process is successful even in high-conflict cases. This results a fraction of the cost spent on divorce and an overall process that lasts 2-4 months rather than 1 year or more. Parents lowering conflict during their divorce process has been proven to protect the health and well-being of children and prevent long-term emotional issues.

“Our goal is always to provide a place where parents—even during the difficultly of divorce—focus on what is best for their children,” said Aurit Center Co-Founder, Karen Aurit, “Spouses may be angry or experiencing overwhelming pain, but in mediation there is a way forward, so that they can become the healthiest co-parents they can be.”

The Aurit Center welcomed a new Professional Mediator to the firm this year, Kristyn Carmichael. “I am proud to work for a firm where we provide a healthier divorce option for people in our community,” Carmichael said. Our work guides parents toward a thoughtful co-parenting relationship, which has an amazingly positive impact on children.

Dina Horsman has also joined the Aurit Center team as the Mediation Coordinator for the firm. Her years of experience and expertise as a paralegal contribute to The Aurit Center’s reputation as the premier divorce mediation firm in Arizona.

“We are thankful for our incredible staff who provide such caring and professional service to our clients,” said Michael Aurit. “Year after year, we will continue to advance our goal of helping families through divorce in the best way possible.”

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