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The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation, Arizona’s premier mediation service provider, offers a simple, inexpensive, and very efficient divorce process. Your entire divorce can be completed in as little as 2 months. An average divorce process in Arizona is likely 6-12 months and many last more than one year. In mediation, you control the period of time in which your process will be completed.

Our online divorce mediation services allow you to complete your entire process from the location of your choice. We help you thoughtfully address asset, debt, marital property division, spousal maintenance (also referred to as alimony or spousal support), and parenting issues including parenting time, legal decision-making authority, and child support. We will guide you through the process of identifying and dividing all community property.

Free Divorce Consultation

The Aurit Center offers an online complimentary consultation so that you can meet your potential mediator, get answers to all of your questions, and evaluate how best to meet your unique needs. As no two divorces are alike, let us help you discover how best to complete your process and prepare all of the necessary divorce paperwork for you. Your mediator can explain the relevant family law. A complimentary consultation is often helpful to spouses who are experiencing a contested divorce but want to move in another direction. Additionally, mediation can help you with dissolution of a covenant marriage.

Divorce Mediation Services

You can complete your divorce quickly without paying high divorce attorney fees. Your process does not have to be confrontational, expensive and drag on for more than a year in courtrooms. We will assist you from beginning to end for one predictable flat fee. You can complete your uncontested divorce in just a matter of weeks in divorce mediation.

We will help you and your spouse to reach mutually-beneficial agreements on all divorce issues. We also serve as your legal document preparer and we create your decree of dissolution of marriage also referred to as your Consent Decree. After you review and approve your final divorce documents, we file them with the court on your behalf. You never go to court.

Our team approach means that both you and your spouse will have support every step of the way. Our divorce services help you to keep conflict low and our skilled mediators guide respectful, collaborative communication. If you and your spouse are in agreement, you can avoid ever going to court through The Aurit Center’s professional divorce mediation services.

Be wary of do-it-yourself quickie-divorce websites that promise big results for very little cost. Complete your process through a reputable mediation center to ensure the legality of your divorce and avoid future legal problems or court appearances.

Arizona Divorce Process

Arizona’s no-fault divorce only requires that one spouse desire the separation for the process to take place. The state of Arizona’s residency requirement is that at least one spouse must have been a resident for at least 90 days.

In Arizona, the legal process begins when the divorce Petition (Also referred to as the “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage”) which is signed by one spouse, referred to as the Petitioner. Other divorce papers or required documentation, such as a summons and preliminary injunction,are also filed. This documentation notifies the court of your intent to divorce or legally separate. There is a mandatory court fee for filing at the beginning of the process.

Following the Petition, the Acceptance of Service is signed, at which time there is a 60 waiting period before the Consent Decree which is the court order that is. filed with the court to finalize the process.The other spouse, who signs the Agreement to Mediate, is referred to as the Respondent. We track all family court deadlines and ensure that your documentation meets all court mandated timeframes. The courts require a second filing fee at the time of Service. After the Consent Decree has been filed and approved by the court with a Judge’s signature, the dissolution of marriage is final.

Our process is amicable so neither you nor your spouse will be “served” a Petition. In litigation, each spouse must hire a costly divorce lawyer and there will likely be high legal fees. Additionally, in litigated cases, a process server will present a Petition full of demands to the spouse being “served,” often causing a great deal of conflict. If you have minor children, they are the priority and we help you make settlement agreements that are in their best interest. You can avoid this entire scenario, including divorce proceedings in local court, by choosing mediation.

Avoid Court and Aggressive Attorneys

Spouses do not have to fight through their divorce. Mediators can help you with a respectful process for the division of property. Aggressive attorneys generally make circumstances worse for families because they create unnecessary conflict. Attorneys work in a retainer system. In Arizona, attorneys require an initial retainer of $5,000 – $15,000 for each spouse. A family law attorney will bill $300 – $400 per hour of working on your case. When spouses go through litigation, more fighting causes more time to drag on and attorneys charge you for every minute. Law firms make more money the longer your divorce case takes. The average cost of divorce in Arizona may be a combined total of $30,000 – $40,000.

In mediation, our flat fee removes the incentive for causing unnecessary conflict. Our total flat fee is 80-90% less than the average cost of divorce. At any time in your mediation process, you can consult a family law attorney for legal advice.

A Supportive Process

Mediation allows you to stay in control of your divorce process. You make informed decisions throughout your divorce or legal separation process on all issues that need to be agreed upon. You can also seek out legal advice at any time. When you begin mediation, The Aurit Center will provide you with a list of preferred legal advisors who collaborate with our clients, offering their services on an hourly fee basis.

We understand that divorce can lead to emotional and financial uncertainty and feelings of instability. We assess your needs during our complimentary consultation and give you a personalized, predictable flat fee upfront. Our clients report that this provides relief from many of the normal stressors of divorce.

Our approach prioritizes the well-being of children and families by keeping harmful conflict as low as possible. For parents, we will help you develop a thoughtful parenting plan. We help you address and creatively agree on all parenting issues. This helps prevent rising conflict in the future.

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