The Aurit Center’s Statement of Unity


The mission of our mediation center has always been to help spouses have a healthy divorce through peaceful conflict resolution. Our vision remains lighting a path of peace and hope for families.

Consistent with our vision and our values, is our decision to make a public statement about the pervasive racism within our society. As professional mediators, we maintain our commitment to impartiality and inclusion of all viewpoints, while expressing a position on this critical issue facing our society.

We share our Statement of Unity below and invite all mediators to consider uniting with us so that our collective voice is stronger and more effective.

The Aurit Center’s Statement of Unity

June 4, 2020

“As a leading conflict resolution center dedicated to advancing fairness and self-determination, we support all people of color and join with all those peacefully protesting America’s pervasive racial inequality under the law. Our unified voice needs to be heard.

Inside our mediation rooms, we witness that out of deep conflict and upheaval can come tremendous change and resolution. We reaffirm our company vision to light a path of peace and hope. We urge our neighbors, colleagues, governments, and people everywhere to join with one voice for the safety and equality that every human being deserves.”

— The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation

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