Joann Holmes

Legal Coordinator, Paralegal | (604) 974-9529

The first time I spoke with Karen and Michael about The Aurit Center, I felt aligned with their kindness, care and compassion for divorce mediation. With mindfulness for each situation and careful strategy to provide a simple process, The Aurit Center promotes a healthy transition to a new phase of life post-divorce.

Having spent my career in family law litigation, I saw what the added, unnecessary stress of going to Court put on a divorce or custody matter. There would be countless hours spent preparing for and attending hearings, only to have the ruling from the Judge leave one or both parties unhappy and with unresolved tension. Conflict would continue to occur even after their matter was over in Court. I have always desired to be a part of a peaceful process that would allow parents to choose what was best for their children.

The Aurit Center provides an atmosphere for both parties to come together and agree to terms that work best for them. The Aurit team is trustworthy, honest and positive as we help guide our clients and diffuse conflicting situations. In the end, a mutual agreement will provide the least disruption to their children and allow for two healthy households going forward.

I am honored to work with compassionate mindful teammates as we guide and support clients, so they never have to see a courtroom. Listening and understanding each unique situation while helping to light a path to the healthiest resolution is rewarding for all involved.


  • Hagerstown Business College, AAS
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