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Welcome, Family Mediator — you’re in the right place!  

We give mediators a new stream of mediation cases referred through The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation and provide mastery-level mentorship — increasing your income and impact.  

Together, we can advance the field of family mediation as we help people have a healthy divorce — one family at a time.

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When clients hire you, the case is all yours! We share the flat fee only after you are paid


Rise to your greatest potential with access to The Mentorship Masterclass with Michael and Karen Aurit

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Build your practice

Get consultations scheduled directly to your calendar

And when clients hire you, the case is all yours.

You will overcome any marketing challenges —  barriers that all family mediators experience.

The Aurit Center invests in powerful mediation public education and marketing to bring clients directly to you. Mediator Partners pay no out-of-pocket cost. We share fees only after clients pay you. 

In addition to your stream of new cases, you also have free access to a game-changing mediator mentorship experience that lifts you to your highest potential, The Family Mediator Masterclass with Michael and Karen Aurit

Yes, I Want To Be A Mediator Partner!
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“Both Michael and Karen were so encouraging and open in sharing their experiences as they entered and grew their practice and business. I was left with clear guidance on how to proceed and hopefully succeed as they have!”

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Jordan Bale

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A message from Michael and Karen

Hi, family mediator — We are so glad you are here

The world needs more professional family mediators.

After years of co-teaching at The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law and Michael’s leadership as President of The Academy of Professional Mediators, it’s clear what mediators want most: more cases and meaningful mentorship.

Are you ready to rise to the next level?

As an Aurit Center Mediator Partner, you’ll get both: new cases and actionable mentorship to build the mediation practice of your dreams. 

Together we can make mediation the primary way that people divorce in America.

As you and your practice rise, more families benefit from mediation and the vision of a world where people choose mediation first becomes a reality.

You can create a 6 or 7-figure mediation practice — and we are excited to show you exactly how to do it!

Let’s build the mediation practice of your dreams together. Apply to become a Mediator Partner today.

See you soon,
Michael and Karen


Mediator Mentorship

Welcome to your practice changing
Family Mediation Masterclass

Mediator Partners gain access to The Family Mediation Masterclass with Michael and Karen Aurit — your mentorship key to your biggest breakthroughs as a professional mediator and practice owner.

Michael and Karen share the details of the mediation roadmap they created that grew The Aurit Center into a seven-figure-per-year divorce mediation practice. 

Ask any question and overcome any challenge with Michael and Karen’s guidance and the support of your Masterclass community.

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“This was the most professional and personal training I have attended. Both Michael and Karen bring gifted expertise to the practice and art of mediation."

Holly Hamilton

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...the curriculum was extremely practical and tied to the work that divorce and family mediators do in practice."

Karen Aurit is a fountain of knowledge and has the most calming nature. She truly cared about every comment students made and ensured everyone felt heard.”

Michael Aurit is clearly very passionate about this area. His excitement about the material and his mediation skills were wonderful to observe and grow from.”


Michael and Karen will share exactly how to:

  • Take your mediator skills and strategies to the next level;

  • Deliver The Aurit Center’s signature Initial Free Consultation so that clients confidently hire you as their mediator;

  • Successfully explain the advantages of the flat fee approach;

  • Structure every aspect of your mediation process to maximize success;

  • Confidently navigate the most challenging issues of mediation;

  • Gain confidence with a better understanding of your core values and personal strengths; and

  • Develop the Professional Mediator Mindset—mind, heart, and soul!

Mediator Mastermind Special Guests include:

  • The world’s premier mediators

  • The leading mediation trainers

  • The Aurit Center’s team of mediation experts

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