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Case Settlement

Bring An End To Ongoing Litigation.

It’s Never Too Late To Enter Mediation or Request A Private Settlement Conference.


Stop legal fees

Legal bills skyrocket closer to trial, but mediation can settle your case to prevent additional high legal fees.

Avoid the risk

Court decisions are unpredictable and leave both sides feeling like they have lost.

Never too late

Whether you’ve been in litigation for one month, or more than one year, you can settle in mediation.

You have the power to settle your case, anytime.

It is never too late to mediate your divorce or child custody issues. If you have already filed for divorce and are in the middle of litigation, you can stop litigating, settle your case, and avoid your trial date at anytime. This prevents massive future legal fees. Mediation ensures that both parties are comfortable with all divorce terms, rather than leaving your future in the hands of a judge.

With or without your attorneys present, we can help you.

If attorneys represent you, mediation can occur with or without them present. Tell your attorneys that you wish to enter mediation or attempt an affordable private settlement conference with The Aurit Center. Settlement conferences provided by the courts may not be available to you, and if so, are typically delayed at least four to five months. We are available when you need us.

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