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From beginning to end — Petition filing to Final Consent Decree — we handle your divorce so that you never set foot in a courtroom.

We provide a simple, affordable, less stressful divorce alternative to litigation that keeps you in control of your own future and allows you to personalize your own divorce terms.

We Help You Every Step of the Way

We provide a simple and confidential divorce process without the pain and expense of a divorce war in court. Mediation keeps you in control of your own customized divorce terms.

Never Set Foot in a Courtroom

When you enter divorce mediation at The Aurit Center, you completely avoid the court experience. We take care of you and your divorce from start to finish.

Mediation is Better for Your Children

Litigation in court hurts children, ruins families and can turn spouses into enemies. Parents protect the emotional well being of children when they choose divorce mediation.

Affordable Client-Friendly Flat Fees

The cost of divorce in Arizona is staggering. Attorneys estimate that the average divorce in litigation costs at $15,000 – $20,000 per spouse, or about $40,000 total for a moderately contested case that does not go to trial. Attorneys bill by the hour and require a retainer.

Divorce Mediation at The Aurit Center costs 85 – 95% less than average attorney’s fees for divorce. We offer affordable client-friendly flat fees. Spouses should have a low, predictable fee instead of hourly costs that cause stress, and uncertainty.


Less Time, Lower Conflict

Most conflict in divorce can be avoided. Conflict results in longer divorce cases, and more time causes high legal fees. Divorce in court commonly takes from 9 months to more than 2 years. This produces high stress for spouses and children.

In mediation, the entire divorce process takes an average of 2 – 4 months. Conflict is lowered, misunderstandings are avoided, and stress is reduced. Spouses keep control of their own timeframe for divorce.


Better For Your Children

Children’s health and well-being is protected when parents keep conflict low. However, child psychologists agree that high conflict during divorce causes serious psychological damage to children.

In mediation, parents create a Parenting Plan to reach agreements on all issues regarding their children. Time sharing, decision-making, financial obligations and child support are all agreed upon. This lays a foundation for healthy co-parenting relationships after divorce.


Private and Confidential

Family matters are sensitive and should remain private. In mediation, you will never set foot in a courtroom. Your divorce process will not become part of the public record. Divorce mediation confidentiality is protected by Arizona law. All verbal and written communications, all draft agreements, and disclosures are protected.

The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation 6-Step Process


1. Schedule a Free Consultation

Meet your mediator. You and your spouse will learn about divorce mediation, how it compares to litigation in court, and how we work with you. We answer all of your questions.

2. We File for You

We draft and file your Divorce Petition in a way that keeps conflict low. No one get’s “served” in mediation.

3. Create a Parenting Plan

We help you reach agreements on parenting time, legal decision-making, and child support. By reaching agreements, you will avoid a painful child custody battle and lay a foundation for healthier co-parenting after divorce.

4. Divide Finances

After full disclosure, your mediator will identify every issue of your divorce and explain Arizona law. You will discuss options and may come to creative solutions that result in your own personalized divorce agreements.

5. Get Advice

We connect you with our “no retainer fee” legal advisors to give you individual advice throughout the process. We can also connect you with neutral financial and tax experts for advice on how to maximize benefit in your agreements.

6. Sign and Finalize

Your mediator will draft your final Divorce Decree, instead of a judge. You each review it, get advice, make revisions, and when you are ready, sign your Decree. We file it for you, and soon afterward, your divorce is made final.

We Connect You With Our Network

We can connect you with our network of highly respected Arizona attorneys, estate planners, tax specialists, financial planners, neutral appraisers, child specialists, parenting coordinators, and therapists who are there for you if you ever need them. Our mediation clients have found this support system to be invaluable resource during the mediation process and beyond.

“Michael is that rare combination of a consummate professional and a compassionate listener. He is extremely adept at listening to disputes between individuals and understands intimately the sacrifices which must be made in order to reach a compromise and settlement. His calm demeanor and conciliatory style is what make his methods so efficacious in dispute resolution.”
Reeve Chudd, Esq.

Ervin, Cohen and Jessup, LLP

“As a public school teacher, I have seen firsthand how challenging divorce can be for children. Michael and his team provide a professional platform which makes challenging conversations for parents as nonthreatening and productive as possible. He has the unique ability to build dialogues into positive and life affirming experiences and foster practical outcomes between parents for the well-being of their children.”
Bonnie Mazza, M.Ed., Phoenix

Elementary and Middle School Teacher

“Mediation is an alternative approach for resolving custody disputes in a way that is most congruent with our current knowledge of the needs and development of children of divorce. Parents are supported in maintaining a cooperative co-parenting relationship that is necessary for children to emotionally survive their parents’ divorce in the long run.”
Donald Saposnek, Ph.D.

Renowned Clinical-Child Psychologist

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