Family Mediation

Better for you. Best for your family.

Family Mediation gets to the heart of issues that cause conflict in relationships.
Reach realistic agreements for the benefit of the relationship in mediation.


Communicate better

Conflicts may arise or escalate due to misunderstandings or communication breakdowns. Mediation brings clarity and understanding that paves the way for resolution.


Find common ground

People often dig their heels into their positions on issues. Truth be told, people agree on more than they think. Discovering common interests leads to finding common ground.


Solve problems

Improved communication and finding common ground allow people to clear away the noise of the conflict and agree on creative solutions that are acceptable to everyone.

Elder Issues. Will and Trust Disputes. Family Conflict.

Litigation destroys relationships. Avoiding problems all together can cause increased tension and escalation that result in irreparable damage. Family disputes are emotional and require a forum where respectful resolution can be found and relationships may be preserved.

Family Mediation can help your family find constructive solutions to issues and move forward. The Aurit Center understands the challenges and difficult issues that affect families. We mediate will and trust disputes and help you avoid or bring an end to costly probate litigation. We also mediate elder issues, guardianship and conservatorship issues, estate planning disagreements and family business disputes. You can reach agreements in mediation that meet everyone’s needs and save your family from being entrenched in a bitter battle.

Couples and Marital Mediation can lay the groundwork for helping you turn the corner of your relationship and improve overall family dynamics. Mediation is future-focused and a practical way for couples to identify and resolve ongoing disagreements. It also can prevent future conflict. Couples often communicate more openly and honestly during and after mediation. Therapy tends to focus on past issues and helps couples process the emotional aspects of the relationship. We encourage clients to explore the benefits of therapy. Mediation, however, results in actual written agreements that can act as a guidelines and goals for the future.

How Family Mediation Works


1. You get in touch

Contact us and we will answer any preliminary questions you have about mediation and our process. We can help you to know whether mediation is right for your issues or case.


2. Both parties agree to mediate

You may contact the other party or parties involved to ask if they will agree to try mediation. When this is not possible, The Aurit Center can attempt to convene the other party directly.

3. We mediate

Our mediation process is based on the specific needs of the parties. Your issues may be legal, non-legal or a mixture of both. We may meet in one long day session, several sessions, or a series of short sessions. The duration of the process depends on many factors including the complexity of the issues and the willingness of all involved to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.


4. You reach a final agreement

When all agreements have been reached they are reduced to writing. Your mediator can write a final non-legally binding memorandum of agreements or a legally binding agreement, depending on the wants and needs of the parties. Take comfort in knowing that you avoided a costly and destructive battle by choosing mediation.

“Michael is committed to the process of understanding both sides of every argument, evaluating the parties’ goals, and then developing a resolution strategy. He is professional, effective, and well-regarded amongst his peers.”

Evan Schube, Esq.

Quarles & Brady, LLP, Phoenix, Arizona

“Empathy, compassion, humor, and warmth – these are traits that Michael exudes; they are at the core of his being. Michael has the unique gift of humanizing the most contentious of disagreements and family conflicts. When his clients come to him in emotional turmoil, Michael lends them hope and creates amicable resolutions to complicated disputes.”

Alison Swisher, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

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