Michael Aurit

Michael Aurit, JD, MDR

Founder, Professional Mediator

michael@auritmediation.com | (480) 378-2686 Ext 101

Michael Aurit is a nationally recognized professional divorce and family mediator, attorney and author. His experience resolving conflict and care for helping families avoid the consequences of divorce litigation, led to his founding of The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona. He holds his Juris Doctorate from Pepperdine University School of Law and Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution from The Straus Institute at Pepperdine—the #1 program in the country, according to US News and World Report for nine consecutive years.

Michael’s work at The Aurit Center focuses on full divorce mediation, child custody and parenting plan mediation, post-divorce modification mediation, and settlement conferences to bring an end to divorce litigation. Prior to his work at The Aurit Center, Michael mediated cases for the pioneering ADR provider, Center For Conflict Resolution, at the Superior Court of Los Angeles. He engaged in international diplomatic work and national consensus building in his role as Assistant Director of AJC in Los Angeles. Previously, he served within The Anti-Defamation League National legal department where he worked to resolve educational disputes within schools and school districts and championed public policy efforts that advanced anti-bullying measures at the national, state, and local levels.

Michael is an active member of the State Bar of Arizona and the State Bar of California. He serves on the Board of Directors for The Academy of Professional Family Mediators, the premiere family mediation association in North America. He is a member of the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section, where he has served as National conference faculty. He is also a member of The Association for Conflict Resolution and Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators. He is a contributor to The Huffington Post on issues related to divorce mediation, healthy co-parenting during and after divorce, and effective communication skills. His work has also been published in national law journals and periodicals. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from The Boston Conservatory of Music. Michael and his wife Karen Aurit, MA, live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A Message From Michael

If you are considering mediation, you are one step closer to resolving your divorce, or family related issue while avoiding the high costs, stress, and unnecessary destruction that litigation causes.

If you haven’t yet, read The Advantages of Mediation Over Litigation section on our site. It explains one of the best-kept secrets that millions of people around the country have taken advantage of in order to settle their divorce or legal issue: You do not need to go to court. The court process is far more expensive and time-consuming. The all-out war of litigation damages everyone in the end.

As your mediator I will not decide who is right or who is wrong. I won’t impose the terms of your settlement or make decisions for you. Instead, I will take a more effective approach to guide you toward an agreement. We will identify options, advance critical dialogue, solve problems and negotiate terms that all involved agree upon. My goal is to create opportunities in the room that will lead to you walking away with a signed, legally binding, mutually acceptable settlement agreement rather than having a judge determine the terms for you.

Simply put: when faced with choice, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by mediating your result rather than going to court.

In me, you have a mediator that empathizes with the difficulties of family conflict. The journey that brings you to mediation is unique to you. I’m there with you every step of the way.