Arizona Parenting Information
Programs by County

To finalize your legal process, Arizona law requires that you each complete a mandatory parenting course before we can submit your final Consent Decree to the court.

Your next steps

Please select the county where your case is filed to find the court-approved parenting courses available to you. To receive credit for the course, you must select the county where your case is filed.

To verify the county where your case is filed and to find other information you need to complete the course, please refer to the ‘Parenting Course’ email you received from us.

NOTE – If you choose to take the course provided by Arizona Priority Education & Counseling, please let our office know. We will reach out to them to have your certificate submitted to the court.

We are here to help you.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with scheduling your course, please contact a Mediation Coordinator at 480-568-1219.